Grand City

Grand City’s rounded handles and classic styling exude casual confidence. The line is also sturdy and versatile, making it the perfect choice for any fine dining experience.

18/10 Stainless Steel
Mirror Polished Handles
Mirror Polished Tines, Bowls and Blades


  Item No. Description Length Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
10151 Espresso Spoon 103mm 12  Add
10152 Dessert Fork 181mm 12  Add
10153 Dessert Spoon 183mm 12  Add
10154 Soup Spoon 176mm 12  Add
10155 Tea Spoon 136mm 12  Add
10158 Appetizer/Cake Fork 146mm 12  Add
10160 Table Fork 201mm 12  Add
10161 Soda Spoon 199mm 12  Add
10162 Oyster Fork 130mm 12  Add
10171 Dessert Knife Solid Handle 213mm 12  Add
10172 Table Knife Solid Handle 234mm 12  Add
10174 Cake Server - Serrated 287mm ea  Add
10196 Cake Knife - Serrated 344mm ea  Add
10197 Soup Ladle 300mm ea  Add
CT622039 Cake Server 260mm ea  Add
CT622042 Individual Ladle 192mm ea  Add

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