The Ringo line, with its ridged bands, has a premium guage for an understated elegance.

18/10 Stainless Steel
Mirror Polished Textured Handles
Mirror Polished Tines, Bowls and Blades


  Item No. Description Length Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
CT103001 Table Spoon 210mm 12  Add
CT103002 Table Fork 203mm 12  Add
CT103003 Soup Spoon 173mm 12  Add
CT103005 Table Knife Solid Handle 250mm 12  Add
CT103006 Steak Knife 245mm 12  Add
CT103011 Dessert Spoon 180mm 12  Add
CT103012 Dessert Fork 180mm 12  Add
CT103015 Dessert Knife Solid Handle 215mm 12  Add
CT103021 Tea Spoon 151mm 12  Add
CT103022 Espresso Spoon 118mm 12  Add
CT103035 Iced Tea Spoon 205mm 12  Add
CT103038 Cake Fork 152mm 12  Add

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