Item No. Description Capacity Height Diameter Well Diameter Length Colour To Suit Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
4000.36 Tea Pot with Lid 360ml 6  Add
4000.36L Spare Lid to Suit 4000.36 12  Add
46011 Flared Dipping Dish 60ml 75mm GM.36 48  Add
550130 Creamer 300ml 12  Add
560120 Tapered Coffee Mug 400ml 24  Add
590129 Round Sugar Stick Holder 60mm 24  Add
590131 Oval Sugar Stick Holder 60mm 24  Add
590145.2 Stackable Ramekin 44ml 60mm 48  Add
590145.4 Stackable Ramekin 105ml 80mm 24  Add
590162 Sauce Boat 50ml 24  Add
590163 Sauce Boat 100ml 24  Add
590171 Creamer 266ml 24  Add
ALU-00-010 Tasting / Canape Spoon 100mm 24  Add
ALU-00-011 Tasting / Canape Bowl 110mm 24  Add
ALU-00-012 Tasting / Canape Bowl 140mm 24  Add
ALU-00-016 Sake Cup / Dipper 45mm 48  Add
ALU-00-017 3 Compartment Crescent Tray 24  Add
ALU-00-019 Dipping Boat Dish 90mm 6  Add
ALU-00-036 Divided Sauce Dish 90mm 48  Add
ALU-00-037 Barbell Compartment Dish 200mm 48  Add
ALU-00-061 Square Bowl 100mm 24  Add
ALU-00-066 Dipper 55mm 65mm 48  Add
ALU-00-068 Dipper 55mm 40mm 48  Add
ALU-00-069 Creamer 74ml 48  Add
ALU-00-070 Creamer 135ml 48  Add
ALU-00-315 Condiment Dish 100mm 48  Add
ALU-00-539 Soy Pot 74ml 100mm 24  Add
ALU-00-602 Tasting / Canape Spoon 100mm 48  Add
ALU-00-721 Salt Shaker 80mm 12  Add
ALU-00-722 Pepper Shaker 80mm 12  Add
BS.19 Souffle Dish 50mm 70mm 12  Add
BS.20 Souffle Dish 50mm 90mm 8  Add
BS.21 Souffle Dish 50mm 110mm 8  Add
BS.22 Mini Targine 60mm 50mm 12  Add
BS.23 Mini Targine 110mm 95mm 6  Add
BS.24 Sauce Pot with Handle 740ml 12  Add
BS.29 Butter Crock 65mm 12  Add
BS.34 Egg Cup 12  Add
BS.35 Milk Bottle 220ml 12  Add
MT292009 Condiment Dish 15ml 90mm White 48  Add
TC7600.DV.32 Gravy Boat 220ml 6  Add
TC7600.DV.43 Rice Bowl 266ml 115mm 24  Add
TD.1033 Teardrop Dipping Bowl 80mm 48  Add
TD.1041 Teardrop Underliner 100mm 48  Add

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