Aura - Aqua

Aura Aqua has been designed to create a relaxed ambiance. Perfect for food presentation in fine dining establishments, this stunning range is also suitable for casual dining concepts.

  Item No. Description Capacity Diameter Length Width Colour Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
AAQ10KS Square Mini Bowl 85mm 80mm Aqua 24  Add
AAQ16DKY Rectangular Bowl 160mm 90mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ19DZ Round Flat Gourmet Plate 190mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ20CK Round Coupe Gourmet Plate / Bowl 500ml 200mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ20KS Round Gourmet Bowl 900ml 200mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ21DZ Round Flat Gourmet Plate 210mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ27CK Round Pasta Gourmet Bowl 400ml 270mm Aqua 6  Add
AAQ27DZ Round Flat Gourmet Plate 270mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ35DT Rectangular Plate 340mm 160mm Aqua 12  Add
AAQ49DT Rectangular Plate 480mm 160mm Aqua 6  Add

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