Item No. Description Capacity Diameter Length Width Colour To Suit Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
IL.01 Round Flat Plate 260mm White 24  Add
IL.99.9 Round Coupe Bowl 230mm White 24  Add
PLF-ALU-OJO-006 Ojo Bistro Espresso Cup 80ml White IL.05 24  Add
PLF-ALU-OJO-010 Ojo Bistro Cappuccino Cup 200ml White IL.07 24  Add
PLF-IL.02 Round Flat Plate 200mm White 24  Add
PLF-IL.03 Round Flat Plate 160mm White 24  Add
PLF-IL.05 Tea / Coffee Saucer 160mm White IL.10, ALU-OJO-010 24  Add
PLF-IL.06 Stackable Espresso Cup 100ml White IL.07 24  Add
PLF-IL.07 Espresso Saucer 125mm White IL.06, ALU-OJO-006 24  Add
PLF-IL.10 Stackable Tea / Coffee Cup 260ml White IL.05 24  Add
PLF-IL.12 Round Flat Deep Plate 230mm White 24  Add
PLF-IL.14 Round Flat Plate 305mm White 12  Add
PLF-IL.15 Round Flat Plate 275mm White 12  Add
PLF-IL.18 Round Flat Plate 240mm White 24  Add
PLF-IL.21 Stackable Bowl / Cup 260ml White 24  Add
PLF-IL.23 Oval Plate 297mm 224mm White 6  Add
PLF-IL.26 Cereal / Noodle Bowl 140mm White 12  Add
PLF-IL.37 Round Flat Deep Plate 300mm White 12  Add
PLF-IL.38 Deep Pasta Bowl 700ml 275mm White 12  Add
PLF-IL.42 Sugar Bowl with Cover White 6  Add
PLF-IL.99 Round Coupe Bowl 300mm White 12  Add

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