Item No. Description Capacity Diameter Well Diameter Colour To Suit Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
HBW-SPIR-161 Round Swirl Rim Plate 310mm White 12  Add
HBW-SPIR-831 Round Swirl Rim Plate 340mm White 6  Add
HBW-SPIR-833 Round Swirl Rim Plate 270mm White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-835 Round Swirl Rim Plate 160mm White 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-837 Cereal Bowl 465ml 170mm White 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-838 Stackable Tea / Coffee Cup 260ml White HBW-SPIR-839 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-839 Tea / Coffee Swirl Rim Saucer 155mm White HBW-SPIR-838 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-842 Stackable Espresso Cup 90ml White HBW-SPIR-843 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-843 Espresso Swirl Rim Saucer 130mm White HBW-SPIR-842 48  Add
HBW-SPIR-847 Round Deep Swirl Rim Plate 350ml 230mm White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-850 Round Deep Swirl Rim Plate 670ml 300mm White 12  Add
HBW-SPIR-852 Tasting Swirl Rim Plate 275mm 83mm White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-853 Dessert Swirl Rim Plate 275mm 114mm White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-854 Tasting Swirl Rim Plate 310mm 89mm White 12  Add
HBW-SPIR-864 Creamer 150ml White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-865 Creamer 80ml White 24  Add
HBW-SPIR-868 Round Coupe Bowl 550ml 315mm White 12  Add
HBW-SPIR-869 Round Coupe Bowl 264mm White 12  Add

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