Ston Collection - Twilight


  Item No. Description Capacity Diameter Length Width Colour Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
TWI.3872 Square Plate 230mm 230mm Twilight 36  Add
TWI.3874 Rectangular Plate 230mm 120mm Twilight 36  Add
TWI.5465 Mug 320ml Twilight 36  Add
TWI.5565 Round Bowl 190mm Twilight 18  Add
TWI.5566 Round Bowl 115mm Twilight 72  Add
TWI.5906 Bowl with Handle 100mm Twilight 96  Add
TWI.6587 Round Slant Bowl 220mm Twilight 12  Add
TWI.8422 Oval Bowl 315mm 165mm Twilight 12  Add
TWI.8713 Triangular Dipping Bowl 70mm 70mm Twilight 96  Add
TWI.8838 Round Plate 150mm Twilight 72  Add
TWI.8840 Round Bowl 139mm Twilight 36  Add
TWI.8877 Round Plate 200mm Twilight 36  Add
TWI.8878 Round Plate 250mm Twilight 18  Add
TWI.980A Round Bowl 178mm Twilight 24  Add

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