Beer Pilsner

The classic shape of the Pilsner is aesthetically pleasing and easy to hold with the right weight, balance and clarity to showcase your beer for quality presentation.

  Item No. Description Capacity Height Max Diameter Foot Diameter Rim Diameter Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
LB1610 Giant Beer / Pilsner 680ml 235mm 89mm 76mm 89mm 12  Add
LB1611 Giant Beer / Pilsner 680ml 225mm 92mm 89mm 76mm 12  Add
LB1629 Giant Beer / Pilsner 592ml 213mm 86mm 76mm 79mm 12  Add
LB1691 Altitude PIlsner 592ml 248mm 73mm 64mm 70mm 12  Add
LB178 Hour Glass Pilsner 296ml 146mm 70mm 60mm 70mm 24  Add
LB18 Flare Pilsner 326ml 178mm 79mm 64mm 79mm 12  Add
LB181 Hour Glass Pilsner 355ml 152mm 79mm 67mm 79mm 24  Add
LB183 Hour Glass Pilsner 444ml 168mm 83mm 67mm 83mm 36  Add
LB19 Flare Pilsner 340ml 184mm 83mm 64mm 79mm 12  Add

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