With practical and elegant design, the Elan Hiball Glasses are ideal for a variety of applications. These toughened glasses are ideal for beer as well as a variety of cocktails and soft drinks

  Item No. Description Capacity Height Max Diameter Foot Diameter Rim Diameter Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
LB15807 Elan Rocks 207ml 92mm 83mm 51mm 83mm 12  Add
LB15809 Elan Rocks 266ml 98mm 89mm 57mm 89mm 12  Add
LB15810 Elan Hi-Ball 296ml 159mm 70mm 51mm 70mm 12  Add
LB15811 Elan Double Old Fashioned 355ml 105mm 98mm 64mm 98mm 12  Add
LB15812 Elan Beverage 355ml 159mm 76mm 57mm 76mm 12  Add
LB15814 Elan Beverage 414ml 168mm 79mm 60mm 79mm 12  Add
LB15816 Elan Cooler 473ml 178mm 83mm 60mm 83mm 12  Add

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