Steak Knives

The Cavalier line of steak knives comes in an array of sizes and styles, with both pointed and rounded tips. The broader handles and blades are ideal for thick steaks and chops, and the slender variety for more delicate cuts.


  Item No. Description Length Colour Carton Quantity Add to Enquiry
19800 Steak Knife - Stainless Steel 255mm Stainless Steel 12  Add
19801 Steak Knife - Steak Knife 250mm Red 12  Add
19802 Steak Knife - Wide Blade, Polyprop Forged Handle 253mm Black 12  Add
19905 Steak Knife - Bakelite Forged Handle 236mm Brown 12  Add
19910 Steak Knife - Wide Blade, Bakelite Forged Handle 243mm Black 12  Add
19911 Steak Knife - Bakelite Forged Handle 236mm Black 12  Add
19912 Steak Knife - Bakelite Forged Handle 235mm Black 12  Add
19913 Steak Knife - Narrow Blade, Bakelite Forged Handle 220mm Black 12  Add

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